Everything tagged with “Apple”

  1. Notes from the Regent Street Apple store iPad queue

    I had ordered an iPad online but the delivery date wasn't for a full month, which is bullshit. What's the point of being a fat, entitled Westerner if I have to wait a month for something? As I was passing the Regent Street Apple shop I decided to see if buying one in person was possible. This was two days after the launch so I'd imagined the masses would have dispersed, though the hundreds of thousands of March 26 protesters might have taken the opportunity to stock up as well.

  2. iPhone gaming

    Mobile gaming -- that is, gaming on mobile phones rather than dedicated portable consoles by dedicated videogame manufacturers -- has always been an aspect of gaming that I've been happy to let pass me by, because mobile gaming has almost always been awful. When the iPhone was first released it didn't come with any games at all, and although there was a promise of some iPhone version of Super Monkey Ball in the future, the iPhone's usefulness as a gaming device didn't factor at all into my decision to buy it.

  3. Death of an iPod

    Three years ago when I bought my first iPod, the message printed across the screen-protecting film simply read "enjoy". Now, on iPod number two, the message reads "don't steal music". It is, I suppose, a sign of the times.

  4. Cost and Effect

    It has been an exciting week; not only did Nintendo finally release the launch details for the Ww...for the Wwww... for their new console, but Apple also updated each of their iPod lines and also revealed a new iTunes and something that is hilariously codenamed as 'iTV'. How will my wallet fare after all of this? Let's find out!

  5. The Powerbook

    As mentioned, I now have a Powerbook. This is the first time I've used a Mac for an extended period, so does it live up the hype?

  6. Justification

    Justification is an art. When you're short of funds, though not so short that buying something is entirely unlikely, you need to be able to justify it to yourself. You can't just spend money on things that you just fancy having; you need to convince yourself, and, perhaps more importantly, you need to be able to convince others, and that's always the hard part.