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  1. Review of Richard Ayoade’s The Double

    Richard Ayoade's The Double, a fable-like tale of a shy, socially-backwards man replaced by a confident double, is an uncomfortable yet mostly brilliant work. The impeccable cinematography, imaginative set design and jarring score all work in perfect harmony to unsettle, and Jesse Eisenberg puts in a great, exaggerated and unreal performance as both the shy Simon and the confident James. However, while ostensibly this is a dark comedy, the tone is overwhelmingly sour.

  2. Recognition

    The Venn diagram that describes the overlap between my chatty periods and the periods when I need a coffee is basically just two adjacent circles. This is usually manageable, until staff start recognising me.

  3. Thoughts on Inside Llewyn Davis

    What a cold and bleak film Inside Llewyn Davis is, as bitter as the winter in which Llewyn Davis finds himself so ill-equipped to function in. There's some laughs -- it's a Coen brothers film after all -- but under the surface is a metaphor for depression that offers no solution, no saccharine Hollywood uplifts or hopeful closing notes. Inside Llewyn Davis is brutal.

  4. Animal Crossing and aspirational living

    One of the key features in the latest Animal Crossing is the Happy Home Showcase, in which the houses belonging to the people you've encountered through StreetPass show up, allowing you to wander around them and maybe buy copies of their furniture. I liked this feature to begin with until I started getting flashbacks to my childhood, being made to put my coat on and be driven to the edge of the world to be dragged through 'show homes' with my parents.

  5. Breakfast at Jackson + Rye

    I've mentioned before my concerns about the creeping introduction of avocado on the typical London breakfast menu, but at Jackson + Rye it's reached apotheosis in the form of the horrific 'Avocado Benedict': two poached eggs topped with hollandaise sauce on top of an entire halved, peeled and pitted avocado, in place of the traditional toasted English muffin. Finally, then, a Benedict for those whom the act of cutting and chewing a muffin was just too much effort for that time of day. Finally, a Benedict that can be eaten with just a fork; mash with the back, shovel with the tines, toss straight down the gullet like you're a force-fed goose.

  6. Marylebone Road

    A new year has led to a new job, and with it a new commute. Being grimly determined to take exercise as and where I can, for fear of one day being the focus of one of those news stories where a fire crew has to demolish the front of a house in order to prise the occupant from a sofa and into a waiting truck to be taken to the morgue, I tend to walk as much as I can, distances that wouldn't bother, say, a child from 1904 walking nine miles to school every day, but to a typical Londoner who'll take the tube or bus to avoid walking 200ft, a marathon.