Everything tagged with “Zelda”

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Playing Breath of the Wild taught me something about myself, which is that I’ll happily put off fighting evil until tomorrow if there’s an interesting shrubbery in the distance I can visit today. Breath of the Wild is a game of staggering beauty and hidden depths, but it’s also a procrastinator’s delight. It is, in many ways, my perfect game.

  2. Sunday morning gaming

    Most of my gaming is done on a weekend; I find weekday evenings I'm usually too tired to really dedicate the stupid amount of hours a typical game requires, so I binge over Saturday and Sunday. When Sunday morning comes and I slump on the sofa in my dressing gown, a mug of builder's tea by my side, the games I play have to meet a few requirements.

  3. I Just Wanted to Play Zelda

    I am contemplating buying an Xbox 360. This is not because I particularly want an Xbox 360, though they do hold more appeal to me now than the original Xbox ever did. No, the reason I'm contemplating this is due to a process of elimination: aside from handhelds, the X360 might be the only console I can both buy and use, and I find that mildly upsetting.

  4. In-Game Music

    Modern videogames do not provide ringtone-friendly music. It was Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children that started this particular train of thought more than a year ago, so bear with me; there's a point in the film when a character's mobile phone goes off, and the ringtone it uses is the opening part of the fanfare music that appears in most Final Fantasy games. For the uninitiated among you, you can listen to that music, in glorious MIDI, here.

  5. 20 Minutes of Online Gaming

    Online gaming, as far as I've been concerned, is just something that happens to other people. There's been a few reasons as to why I've never delved into this particular gaming nook; lack of decent hardware, firewalls, only able to go online with my mobile phone, dislike of Counter-Strike, owning Nintendo hardware, and so on. Preferring the likes of Final Fantasy VII over Quake II meant that for the most part, gaming has been a solitary pursuit, and that was fine by me.