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  1. Warcraft: The Beginning

    It’s flawed, but it’s better than you’ve heard and worth a look.

  2. My 2016 film highlights

    My annual film highlights post, in which I highlight 20 films from all I saw during the previous year. Not all are without their flaws, but I'm very fond of all of them, flaws and all.

  3. Warcraft: The Beginning

    Against all the odds, I enjoyed it. It’s flawed, but there's some good stuff here and there.

  4. Duncan Jones’ Warcraft: The Beginning

    How much you'll get out of Warcraft: The Beginning may depend on how much you're willing to engage with the fantasy genre itself; the film is serious-faced high-fantasy and isn't ashamed of it. This is fine. Where the film wobbles is in being a prequel rather than simply the first in a series, a film that explains how the war between humans and orcs came about without that war ever having presented on film. Unashamedly presenting fantasy film tropes is one thing; assuming an existing audience investment in videogame source material is another.