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  1. Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood

    Ridley Scott's Robin Hood plays like Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins; telling us the back story of a noble vigilante we may not have known before leading up to a sequel-friendly ending. It doesn't have the character of Nolan's work, nor does it have the epic nature of Scott's own Gladiator, but what's here is a respectable, solid piece of work with just enough meat on the bone to satisfy.

  2. I am already bored with 3D

    And I haven't even seen a 3D film yet. I'd been holding out for a film that I wanted to see, and so far pretty much everything has looked like crap. No, I haven't seen Avatar. No, I don't intend to. It doesn't look like a good film. I've spent too much money at the cinema seeing bad films over the years and I've heard nothing about Avatar that makes me want to see it as a film, not as a gaudy spectacle.

  3. Ridley Scott and James Cameron return to science fiction

    Ridley Scott has announced that he's returning to the Alien universe that he created to direct a prequel to Alien, and footage from James Cameron's Avatar, his first fictional film in 12 years and his first SF film since 1991, has finally been seen by the public. Should we care?