Everything tagged with “Orlando Bloom”

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

    Hard as it may be to imagine, I do, in fact, enjoy some films. Take the first Pirates film, for instance; I really liked it. It was funny, it had some very quotable lines, the action was enjoyable, Johnny Depp was brilliant, Geoffrey Rush equally so, Orlando Bloom didn't get in the way too much and Keira Knightley was reasonably fanciable, in that borderline-anorexic way of hers. I couldn't really fault it. β†’

  2. Troy

    Even if you've never read the original poems, you know about the horse. The wooden horse, complete with air holes, hinges, and mysterious voices from within muttering "ouch!" whenever they went over a rock. It's absurd, and if the Trojans really did fall for it, then they deserved whatever they got. β†’