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  1. Nintendo DS

    It's often been noted that Nintendo appears to hate the general public, in particular that part of the general public that actually buys its products. It can be difficult to be a Nintendo fan, relying almost entirely upon them for your drip-feed of games and always ending up with strangely featureless hardware.

  2. Bongo Bong

    The embittered old cynic in me is deeply, deeply ashamed. The old cynic watched in horror as I entered Game, stylishly sauntered over to the Gamecube demonstration pod, checked to make sure there weren't any attractive, single blonde girls (with black-rimmed glasses) watching, and with the minimum of fuss, started whacking the bongos.

  3. Some Thoughts on Pikmin

    As noted previously, Nintendo owns me. When it comes to the Gamecube, I accept that it doesn't have as many games available as the Xbox or PS2, but what it lacks in 3rd party support, it more than makes up for with the quality of its 1st party releases.

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