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  1. My 2017 film highlights

    My annual film round-up, in which, as usual, I pick out 20 films to highlight, the only requirement being that I saw the film during 2017, regardless of when it was released.

  2. Review of Thor: The Dark World

    Of all the pre-Avengers Marvel films, Thor unexpectedly turned out to be my favourite. Funny, decent action, fun characters and an airy, spacious feel unlike any of the New York-based hero films; Thor is the most comic-like of all these comic adaptations. Thor: The Dark World, on the other hand, is flat, dull and joyless.

  3. Review of Kenneth Branagh’s Thor

    Kenneth Branagh's Thor always seemed like it would be the hardest comic adaptation to fit convincingly into the shared universe Marvel have been piecing together for a few years now. Despite lacking the same level of public recognition as some of the other heroes, and having a magical background that could have felt out of kilter with the rest of the technology-borne ensemble, Thor has turned out to be one of the more solid and enjoyable Marvel films so far.

  4. Black Swan fails to impress

    Black Swan, its cast and crew apparently scheduled to be showered with Academy Awards and such, is the second Aronofsky film -- the first being The Wrestler -- that's left me wondering what everyone else is seeing that I'm not.

  5. V for Vendetta

    If I told you now that towards the end of the film one of the characters, a thirty-something Londoner, says "This place gives me the collywobbles", you'd probably be able to guess which way I'm going to go with this.