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  1. Review of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows

    Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows isn't much of a Sherlock Holmes film, but it's an attractive action flick unhindered by 3D gimmickry nonetheless. Robert Downey Jr. continues doing that thing that Robert Downey Jr. does, and he does it well; I don't know of anyone who does Robert Downey Jr. better than Robert Downey Jr.

  2. Borough Market

    Recently I visited London's Famous Borough Market for the first time. I've lived in London now for nearly two years and it was only ever a brief Tube journey away (as brief as things can be on the Tube, that is), but then I'm someone who lived in Canterbury for five years and still only visted the Cathedral during my final month, so the jaunt to Borough Market is still pretty rushed by my standards.

  3. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

    Although this film looks wonderful, I suggest that you don't see it at the cinema. Instead, wait until it comes out on DVD, buy it, and then every Saturday morning, allow yourself to watch about 20--30 minutes of it. If you want to watch a homage to ’30s pulp SF serials, then you really should do it properly.