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  1. Review of Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master

    The Master, Paul Thomas Anderson's exploration of the beginnings of a Scientology-like cult during the 1950s, is a difficult film to get through. While the production values are as high as any other of Anderson's films, and the performances as impressive, there's an absence of any sympathetic characters and I struggled to care about anything that was happening.

  2. Walk the Line

    Arriving at the Odeon five minutes before the film began was a mistake; I'd overestimated how many people wanted to see this film, so I had to sit right at the front and right at the edge, my neck twisted, my vision overwhelmed by GIANT FACES and a muscle in my back nagging me for the whole time. Despite this, I enjoyed Walk the Line, and if I can enjoy a film whilst sat like a practicing contortionist then I think that says a lot.

  3. The Village

    After Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and Signs, M. Night Shyamalan brings us a story that's never quite sure what it's trying to be. As a horror film, it fails to be scary; as a thriller, it fails to thrill, as a mystery it fails to elicit intrigue and as a love story it fails to engage the emotions. Is there anything that the film succeeds in?