Everything tagged with “Half-Life”

  1. Late night gaming

    Just as I have a specific type of game to play on a quiet, lazy Sunday morning, there are also games which I never feel right playing unless it's late at night.

  2. I play games on easy

    I've recently come to terms with my inability at playing any game with any skill; from now on, I'm playing games on the easy difficulty settings and I don't care who knows it.

  3. The Xbox and I, revisited

    Long time readers may remember my brief excursion into the world of the Xbox back in 2004, when I bought a limited edition Crystal Xbox in order to sell at a profit only to discover that they had been re-issued and I was lucky to get my money back at all. Back then, the Xbox platform held no interest for me, with its library appearing to consist almost entirely of shooting and driving games, and the online aspect didn't hold any appeal either. Fast forward to the present day, and we find me adding an Xbox 360 Elite to my ever-changing collection of consoles.

  4. In-Game Music

    Modern videogames do not provide ringtone-friendly music. It was Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children that started this particular train of thought more than a year ago, so bear with me; there's a point in the film when a character's mobile phone goes off, and the ringtone it uses is the opening part of the fanfare music that appears in most Final Fantasy games. For the uninitiated among you, you can listen to that music, in glorious MIDI, here.