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  1. Review of Shane Black’s Iron Man 3

    As the first post-Avengers Marvel film, Iron Man 3 feels a little peculiar. It's a decent enough film, but it feels like a minor offering; if I feel like an Iron Man film in the future, I'll probably watch the first one or The Avengers, and if I feel like a Shane Black film in which Robert Downey Jr. gets pushed around a lot, quips, teams up with a slightly mis-matched partner and is set during Christmas, I'll watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

  2. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

    Although this film looks wonderful, I suggest that you don't see it at the cinema. Instead, wait until it comes out on DVD, buy it, and then every Saturday morning, allow yourself to watch about 20--30 minutes of it. If you want to watch a homage to ’30s pulp SF serials, then you really should do it properly.