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  1. The misanthrope’s Animal Crossing

    Nintendo's Animal Crossing is, fundamentally, a game about socialising. Why I have played it to death across three platforms so far is something of a mystery to me.

  2. The worst way to play GameCube games

    Over the years, I've owned and played a wide variety of games consoles, but the GameCube is the one I keep returning to, and I think it's because it's the last point in console gaming history where a console was nothing more than a gaming device. It could play games, and it could do nothing else.

  3. I Just Wanted to Play Zelda

    I am contemplating buying an Xbox 360. This is not because I particularly want an Xbox 360, though they do hold more appeal to me now than the original Xbox ever did. No, the reason I'm contemplating this is due to a process of elimination: aside from handhelds, the X360 might be the only console I can both buy and use, and I find that mildly upsetting.

  4. Some Thoughts on Pikmin

    As noted previously, Nintendo owns me. When it comes to the Gamecube, I accept that it doesn't have as many games available as the Xbox or PS2, but what it lacks in 3rd party support, it more than makes up for with the quality of its 1st party releases.