Everything tagged with “Gameboy”

  1. The Nintendo e-reader

    The Nintendo e-reader isn't what you think it is; it isn't a device for reading e-books. The truth is, I've just lured you here to read an article about an obscure peripheral for the Game Boy Advance by implying that Nintendo made a Kindle-style e-reader. E-readers are hot right now, aren't they? It's all Kindle-this and iBooks-that. I bet a Nintendo one would be lovely, all white and curvy like that Wii U tablet controller.

  2. Pokémon Curious

    Nintendo are often criticised for their first-party releases being largely based around the same few franchises. Mario in particular appears to pimp himself out to all manner of genres --- platform games, sporting games, puzzle games, even non-game software such as art and music packages. What critics don't realise is that the inclusion of Mario is, more often than not, a sign that the game will be of a high quality, just as, for instance, the inclusion of Sonic the Hedgehog can be taken as a sign that the game will probably be terrible.

  3. Drums Keep Pounding Rhythm to the Brain

    Last year, I lamented the lack of iconic, memorable music in today's games, but it's dawned on me --- partly because I've been playing Nintendo's Soundvoyager, more on which later --- that I may have been a little harsh. The focus of my writing back then was on the catchy jingles older games excelled at providing, but while today's in-game music may not be as well-suited to the world of ringtones, it does provide us with another gaming genre; that where the music is not incidental, but actually integral to the in-game experience.

  4. Game Boy Micro

    It's a bit of hardware that doesn't do anything my DS doesn't do already. It has a tiny screen, it's so small that it may cause my hands to cramp into tiny little claws, it's more expensive than a GBA SP (which would also play Gameboy Color and Gameboy games) and is essentially just another cynical attempt by Nintendo to flog the same ageing product again to the remaining few that don't already own it in one form or another. Naturally, I had to get one.