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  1. In-Game Music

    Modern videogames do not provide ringtone-friendly music. It was Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children that started this particular train of thought more than a year ago, so bear with me; there's a point in the film when a character's mobile phone goes off, and the ringtone it uses is the opening part of the fanfare music that appears in most Final Fantasy games. For the uninitiated among you, you can listen to that music, in glorious MIDI, here.

  2. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    Films based on games, by and large, are rubbish; Super Mario Bros., for instance, or Street Fighter to name but two. A few years back, Square tried to capitalise on the popularity of the Final Fantasy franchise of games with Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, a feature-length CGI cut-scene that, while looking great and feeling fit, was, sadly, not very good.