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  1. In defence of Fantastic Four

    My appreciation of the 2005 and 2007 Fantastic Four films comes from a single scene in Silver Surfer, where Mr. Fantastic has begrudgingly gone to his own bachelor party, and we cut to him being a big nerd, surrounded by attractive twentysomething women and talking about something scientific. “…it expanded exponentially into what became the universe we know,” he explains. “Wow, you're really smart!” replies one of the women. “Thanks, Candy. That means a lot to me.”

  2. The Shape of Things to Come, V

    I don't write reviews of every film I see, because if I did I'd be updating this website on a daily basis, and we all have better things to be spending our time on. So, although I mentioned it six months ago, I never got around to telling you all that Clerks 2 is a terrible, terrible film, and is best avoided. Sorry if that warning arrived too late.