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  1. In defence of Fantastic Four

    My appreciation of the 2005 and 2007 Fantastic Four films comes from a single scene in Silver Surfer, where Mr. Fantastic has begrudgingly gone to his own bachelor party, and we cut to him being a big nerd, surrounded by attractive twentysomething women and talking about something scientific. β€œβ€¦it expanded exponentially into what became the universe we know,” he explains. β€œWow, you're really smart!” replies one of the women. β€œThanks, Candy. That means a lot to me.” β†’

  2. Fantastic Four

    Poor. Like watching a half-finished comic book adaptation from the year 2000. β†’

  3. Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four

    I didn't hate Josh Trank's Fantastic Four, though it offers up so many reasons to do so. In its final form it's certainly a flawed work, awkwardly-constructed with a self-conscious script, shoddy plotting, a small cast and a sparsely-populated world that combines to give the film the feeling of an Amazon Original Series pilot instead of a blockbuster comic book movie. While I can't recommend watching it, I'm still interested in how a large part of its failure comes from ignoring the last 15 years of comic book cinema. β†’

  4. The Shape of Things to Come, II

    We're halfway through 2005 now, so I thought that this would be an opportune moment to look back and see what films I was looking forward to six months ago, and what I'm looking forward to now. Will I have managed to see everything I wanted to? Did they all turn out to be rubbish? Can I still enthuse about films after that awful Star Wars trilogy? Let's find out! β†’