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  1. Duncan Jones’ Source Code

    In Duncan Jones' Source Code, Air force pilot Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) has to work out who bombed a train but only has the same eight-minute period to live through each time, a bit like Murder on the Orient Express if Poirot was knifed in the chest at the end of every chapter.

  2. Trailer for Duncan Jones’ Source Code

    I really miss Quantum Leap

  3. Review of Duncan Jones’ Moon

    Let's get something out of the way right at the start: I think this film is flawless. Please continue reading after you have picked yourself up off the floor.

  4. Trivia on the film Moon

    When I saw Moon there followed a Q&A session with the film's director, Duncan Jones. What follows is a bit of a brain dump of some of what I felt were the more interesting things raised. Spoilers throughout, so don't read until you've seen the film.

  5. Trailer for Duncan Jones’ and Sam Rockwell’s Moon

    Sam Rockwell goes crazy on the moon. Looks excellent; reminds me of '70s SF like Silent Running.