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  1. Breakfast at Duck & Waffle

    Getting to Duck & Waffle on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower is via a glass-walled express lift that takes you from the ground straight to the top. While the journey takes seconds and is a little bit exciting, I was disappointed I wasn't going to go through all 40 floors in turn. In my head I'd been working on a whole J.G. Ballard thing for this review where the lift would break and I'd have to fight my way up through the floors to get to the restaurant as civilisation collapsed around me and the building tenants went feral or banded together according to how pretentious their children's names were and which model iPhone they owned. Deprived of this narrative possibility, I suggest you all go away and read Ballard's High Rise instead, which more or less amounts to the same thing except it's better written.