Everything tagged with “DS”

  1. The misanthrope’s Animal Crossing

    Nintendo's Animal Crossing is, fundamentally, a game about socialising. Why I have played it to death across three platforms so far is something of a mystery to me.

  2. iPhone gaming

    Mobile gaming -- that is, gaming on mobile phones rather than dedicated portable consoles by dedicated videogame manufacturers -- has always been an aspect of gaming that I've been happy to let pass me by, because mobile gaming has almost always been awful. When the iPhone was first released it didn't come with any games at all, and although there was a promise of some iPhone version of Super Monkey Ball in the future, the iPhone's usefulness as a gaming device didn't factor at all into my decision to buy it.

  3. Drums Keep Pounding Rhythm to the Brain

    Last year, I lamented the lack of iconic, memorable music in today's games, but it's dawned on me --- partly because I've been playing Nintendo's Soundvoyager, more on which later --- that I may have been a little harsh. The focus of my writing back then was on the catchy jingles older games excelled at providing, but while today's in-game music may not be as well-suited to the world of ringtones, it does provide us with another gaming genre; that where the music is not incidental, but actually integral to the in-game experience.

  4. Nintendo name their console ‘Wii’

    So, though I am technically supposed to be spending my time on something else at the moment, I felt unable to let this one pass by unmentioned. As you may have heard already, seeing as the internet exploded with the news last Thursday, Nintendo have revealed that their next console, previously known as the Revolution, will, in actual fact, be known as Wii.

  5. Nintendogs Revisited

    I thought I'd just update you all on the state of my puppies, Buckley the beagle, Titus the King Charles spaniel and Cardigan the dachshund; they are dead. I killed them.

  6. Nintendogs

    I had a dog, once upon a time. He was a cocker spaniel and he was called Jasper, and when he was a puppy he was friendly, loved to meet new people and was full of life. As he got older he grew into a cantankerous, arthritic old bastard, attacking anybody he didn't know at first, then eventually turning on those he did know until only my mother could control him. Eventually, he was put to sleep.

  7. I Own No DS Games

    I've been going on another of my periodic possession purges recently, clearing out the clutter on ebay and giving away whatever doesn't sell. The two DS games I owned --- Mario 64 and Project Rub --- were both great games, but I'd completed them and they were just sitting there, so off they went.

  8. The Next Generation

    Each of The Big Three have now released images and details of their next consoles. Microsoft appear to be aiming at the hardcore online gamer, Sony at the home media centre owner and Nintendo at the Existing Nintendo Fan. So far, so predictable.

  9. Nintendo DS

    It's often been noted that Nintendo appears to hate the general public, in particular that part of the general public that actually buys its products. It can be difficult to be a Nintendo fan, relying almost entirely upon them for your drip-feed of games and always ending up with strangely featureless hardware.