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  1. Pan’s Labyrinth

    I want to make something clear right at the start: I do like this film. I want to make that fact clear now, because I'm concerned that what I'll go on to say will give you the wrong impression; that I don't like the film, or that I'm just trying to be contrary in the face of overwhelmingly positive reviews. It is a good film and I did enjoy it and I can't really fault it. And yet... β†’

  2. Hellboy

    Hellboy has now joined my collection of films that are based upon comic books which I've never read. It joins Daredevil, Hulk, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and, er, Supergirl. Now, there's a line-up!

    Compare it with my list of films that are based upon comic books that I have read; X-Men, Batman, Spiderman---a smaller collection, but one with significantly better films (discounting Joel Schumacher's efforts, of course). Will Hellboy stand with pride in the latter collection, or will it shuffle it's feet quietly with the flawed/awful works in the former?