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  1. The Eighth Doctor

    Having eventually enjoyed the modern-day RTD-helmed reboot of Doctor Who and what is arguably its second modern-day reboot in the form of the fairytale-style Moffat and Smith series, I thought it was worth giving the failed 1996 reboot a second look to see why it never made it. In a nutshell: it's because it does almost everything wrong.

  2. The Eleventh Doctor

    The choice of Matt Smith as David Tennant's successor seemed to catch most people by surprise, I think because nobody had ever heard of him before; he seemed too young for the role and looked a bit like John Merrick. Despite this, people were being cautiously optimistic about the return of Doctor Who yesterday because the man in charge of the whole affair is now Stephen Moffat, responsible for writing some of the best episodes during Russell T. Davies' tenure; Blink and The Girl in the Fireplace to name but two. Given that, the general feeling seemed to go, this Matt Smith tyke must be -- at least -- tolerable.

  3. The Tenth Doctor

    A little over a year ago, I wrote about the return of Doctor Who to our screens, and I was fairly dismissive not just of the new series, with Christopher Ecclestone as the Doctor, but the entire franchise. With the dodgy acting, poor production values and general air of tackiness, I could not understand its appeal. Despite this, for reasons unknown to me, I kept watching.

  4. The Ninth Doctor

    Doctor Who returned last weekend after a 16--year / 9--year haitus, depending on whether you believe the failed American collaboration with Paul McGann as the Doctor existed or not.