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  1. Black Swan fails to impress

    Black Swan, its cast and crew apparently scheduled to be showered with Academy Awards and such, is the second Aronofsky film -- the first being The Wrestler -- that's left me wondering what everyone else is seeing that I'm not.

  2. I am already bored with 3D

    And I haven't even seen a 3D film yet. I'd been holding out for a film that I wanted to see, and so far pretty much everything has looked like crap. No, I haven't seen Avatar. No, I don't intend to. It doesn't look like a good film. I've spent too much money at the cinema seeing bad films over the years and I've heard nothing about Avatar that makes me want to see it as a film, not as a gaudy spectacle.

  3. Reboots and remakes

    I'm not sure where the habit for using the word 'reboot' came from but when people use it when they mean 'remake', I start getting angry in the same way I get angry when people spell it 'loose' when they mean 'lose'.