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  1. Review of Michael Mann’s Public Enemies

    I am completely gay for both Johnny Depp and Christian Bale and I'm a sucker for any film set in the 1930s, so Michael Mann's Public Enemies would seem to hit all the right buttons, telling the story of FBI agent Melvin Purvis' attempts to capture celebrity bank robber John Dillinger. Unfortunately some technical flaws and lackluster characterisation left me feeling a bit cold toward the whole affair.

  2. A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

    About two months ago I rounded up all the films I was looking forward to seeing, but that list largely consisted of reasonably high-profile names for which the buzz is often noticeable many months before the release. But I don't just limit myself to films I've heard about, though; sometimes I'll pick a film at random and hope for the best. It's worked out well in the past --- Angel-A, Black Book and Perfume were all films I took a chance on, and all turned out to be great.