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  1. Captain America: Civil War

    Fun, but no real depth.

  2. Captain America: Civil War

    My feelings on Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Paul Rudd's Ant-Man in Captain America: Civil War reflect my feelings on the film as a whole: fun, but disposable. I enjoyed watching, but I can't imagine wanting, or needing, to watch the film again.

  3. A genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist

    Robert Downey Jr.'s delivery of his "Genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist" line in The Avengers changes between the trailer and the film.

  4. Review of Kenneth Branagh’s Thor

    Kenneth Branagh's Thor always seemed like it would be the hardest comic adaptation to fit convincingly into the shared universe Marvel have been piecing together for a few years now. Despite lacking the same level of public recognition as some of the other heroes, and having a magical background that could have felt out of kilter with the rest of the technology-borne ensemble, Thor has turned out to be one of the more solid and enjoyable Marvel films so far.

  5. Review of Captain America

    Captain America: The First Avenger is a mildly enjoyable period romp where some staid action and the tawdry whiff of prequel is just about held together by a decent script and likeable characters. Very much a popcorn film; you might enjoy it at the time but you're probably not going to reminisce about it later.

  6. Some thoughts on The Avengers

    Comic-Con saw confirmation that Joss Whedon is to be the director of Marvel's upcoming The Avengers, an attempt at pulling off what is commonplace in the comic world; bringing headline stars from various comics into one single whole.