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  1. Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse

    Throughout my whole adult life, there have always been X-Men films, so when the 20th Century Fox fanfare segues into the X-Men fanfare as it does every time, I can't deny I get a little thrill from it. There's something of the elder statesman about the X-Men franchise, now in its sixteenth year without any serious rebooting or recasting; in the same time frame, we've seen three Peter Parkers, two Clark Kents, two Bruce Waynes and two sets of the Fantastic Four family. Even the Great Marvel Cinematic Universe has only been going for eight years.

  2. Reboots and remakes

    I'm not sure where the habit for using the word 'reboot' came from but when people use it when they mean 'remake', I start getting angry in the same way I get angry when people spell it 'loose' when they mean 'lose'.

  3. Superman Returns

    Thank you, Bryan Singer. Thank you, because I was beginning to think that disliking all these big-budget blockbusters was actually my problem, that I'd become so intolerant of mediocrity and so quick to dismiss and reject that all my inner rage about these terrible films I put myself through had twisted around in on itself and I'd basically disappeared up my own arse.