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  1. Blue Ruin

    A short, sharp, shock of a revenge flick; violent, tense, and darkly comic. Macon Blair is outstanding in the lead, sweet and gentle and pushed far too far

  2. My 2014 film highlights

    My annual film highlights post, in which I highlight 20 films from all that I saw during 2014. This time I've selected from 232, and as usual the only limitation is that I saw the film last year; no restrictions on release date. The films listed aren't necessarily what I'd call the best, but I think they're all noteworthy for various reasons. I think this might be more of a downbeat list than previous years. Such was 2014.

  3. Blue Ruin

    An American take on those short, intense, Australian revenge flicks. Liked this a lot. Brief, violent, tense and darkly comic.