Everything tagged with “Animal Crossing”

  1. No Man’s Sky, a game of forward motion

    I was always going to appreciate No Man’s Sky. The look of the game is pure ‘70s sci-fi trash, all orange clouds and acid rain, the hardware chunky and brightly coloured with just a bit of smudge around the edges. The soundtrack as well matches perfectly, all pop and synth and twang. That’s just the surface, though: to fully appreciate the game, I first had to understand what sort of game it is.

  2. Animal Crossing and aspirational living

    One of the key features in the latest Animal Crossing is the Happy Home Showcase, in which the houses belonging to the people you've encountered through StreetPass show up, allowing you to wander around them and maybe buy copies of their furniture. I liked this feature to begin with until I started getting flashbacks to my childhood, being made to put my coat on and be driven to the edge of the world to be dragged through 'show homes' with my parents.

  3. The misanthrope’s Animal Crossing

    Nintendo's Animal Crossing is, fundamentally, a game about socialising. Why I have played it to death across three platforms so far is something of a mystery to me.