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  1. My 2016 film highlights

    My annual film highlights post, in which I highlight 20 films from all I saw during the previous year. Not all are without their flaws, but I'm very fond of all of them, flaws and all.

  2. Tim Burton’s Big Eyes

    Big Eyes, the story of mid-century artist Margaret Keane who took her husband to court to prove that her popular portraits of big-eyed children were by her, and not him, is more interesting as a new direction for Tim Burton than it is as a film in its own right.

  3. Review of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel

    I enjoyed Man of Steel. Now it's over I'll argue that it suffers from weak plotting, a dodgy script and a bland leading man, but I won't deny that I was transfixed from start to finish, and I say this as one not given over to drooling over spectacle. Sadly, while it has plenty of outstanding and brutal action, it also lacks a heart.

  4. Review of Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master

    The Master, Paul Thomas Anderson's exploration of the beginnings of a Scientology-like cult during the 1950s, is a difficult film to get through. While the production values are as high as any other of Anderson's films, and the performances as impressive, there's an absence of any sympathetic characters and I struggled to care about anything that was happening.

  5. Review of The Muppets

    I am, and always have been, a big Muppets fan. I watched The Muppet Show as a child, I dutifully watched Muppets Tonight as a teenager, I watch The Muppet Christmas Carol every Christmas Eve and if I could find a way to be abused by Chris Langham, you'd have a hard time stopping me.