Hello Mojo

Once upon a time, I had an idea for a music website, which had to be put on hold due to the sudden arrival of some employment, annoyingly. That website is still in a state of non-existance, to the extent that I’ve even now lost the domain name, so until that Lottery win comes along, an occasional collection of music snippets will appear roughly here.

Staring at you from over there on the right is Stoney. Mark Stoney is from Sheffield, and he first appeared on my radar with the excellent track Soap in a Bathtub, available to listen to from his website (amongst others). He’s been seen supporting The Futureheads, Alfie, Magic Numbers and Collylogic favourite Arctic Monkeys, so he’s been keeping good company. No album as yet but it’ll be on my wishlist when it appears.

I hadn’t heard of Sparks before hearing their new single Perfume; I later found out they’d been around since the ’70s, but I’m going to pretend I knew that to protect my musical credentials. It seems they’re going to be famous again, and along with Perfume I suggest you try and find their version of This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us, which is nicely glam-rock.

On my watch list is Readymade FC with a new album Babilonia from French musician Jean-Philippe Verdin — this is music to smoke Gitanes to. An eclectic mix of weirdness and poppy folk, I recommend listening to The Only One at the very least.

And the rest…

Also worth a look at are The Kooks, The Crimea and Liam Frost — whose official website I’m not even bothering to link to, so full of browser-chewing Flash awfulness it is. Musician websites…there’s a whole other article in that…